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Butterbites Gourmet Pet Bakery was born out of a love for our dog Butter and our cat Ka Ka and our sincere desire to help them and all pets live a long and healthy life.
At Butterbites Gourmet Pet Bakery we never add any chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavorings/colors, by-products, salts, or meat meals.  We use no wheat, corn or soy in our treats.  We have a completely 100 % grain free cookie.  All of our treats are therefore, Gluten Free. We are truly 100% natural and organic, and every ingredient we use is suitable for human consumption so you could eat them yourself!  
We custom cook for a variety of pet concerns:
Skin Issues
Food Allergies- Wheat, Corn, or Soy,Eggs
Digestive Troubles
Degenerative Diseases

Aging pets with loss of teeth
We are more than happy to work with you or your veterinarian to come up with a suitable treat.  We are more than just a dog bakery we are fellow pet owners who adore pets. 

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