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Miracle Flea and Tick Treatment

Nothing is worse than a dog or cat home that is infested with fleas and ticks.  Worry no more with our miracle all natural organic coconut flea and tick protector. 

You can keep your pet (dogs and cats) flea and tick free and at the same time you can give them a glorious coat of fur, and help aide in their digestion.  All without the toxic effects or hassles of conventional flea treatments.  No pills to swallow or trick them to take.  Dogs and cats actually love the taste of these and lick them or gobble them down quickly.

The ingredients in the coconut protector is recomended by vets to help strengthen your dogs immune system as it adds complex B vitamins, proteins, and amino acids, as well as vitamin C. 

We make the treat out of "the tree of life" coconut oil.  So many benefits have been found when giving your dog or cat coconut oil including treatment of hot spots, curing cuts, no more smelly coats, or cracked paws. 

Research has shown that in addition to preventing fleas and ticks, this treatment can reduce cancer risks.  For only $15.00 your covered with a one month supply for dogs under between 10 and 40 pounds.  If your dog is under 10 pounds you will use one every other day thereby providing two months supply for $15.00.  For dogs over 40 pounds we carry a monthly supply for $17.00 of the larger shaped protectors.   For dogs over 100 pounds we have a monthly package for $20.00 they take once a day.

Due to the melt factor of these treats, I cannot ship them.  They must be picked up in the bakery or included with your monthly box.